365 Project-Post #3- a styled fashion shoot

Our spring Matilda Jane photo shoot on Sunday with Kristin Senay Rose and Heidi Felicetti was fun!!! I got to take pix of my own daughter. Cannot wait to show. Thx u Kelly Costa for the MJC wear and my instructors Tracy Montarti and @codaphotography and thank you to Studio 412 for the space.

This was my first time using this studio, new props, and my new backdrops and new camera and a new lense. This was also my first styled shoot (on this side of the camera). So fun.

Here is a sneak peek

I used manual mode the entire time which is a huge step for me and I used two cameras around my neck (one with fixed 50 mm lense) and (one 55 mm-200mm).

This is me. Photo credit: Kristin Senay Rose


365 Project: Post #2 -My 1st Communion Shoot-Backlighting

This was my first Communion Shoot.  I was thrilled to do it. I knew we would get beautiful shots.  This is one of my top three favorites.  We used a backlighting technique.  The whole indoor shoot was all natural light.  We pulled a curtain in front of a window and the light lit her veil from behind!  Here is a link to some of my other favorite Olivia Photos. 2018RacunasOlivia_32


Dr. Shannon Edwards, Congressional Hopeful, @ Roberto Clemente Bridge

I took this of Dr. Edwards at Roberto Clemente Bridge.  It was cold.  I intentionally did not photoshop the car out of the image.  People kept walking on the bridge and it was hard to get a clear clean shot.  It was freezing outside.   Dr. Edwards was a trooper and this is one of my favorite shots. I am trying to blog at least once a day for 365 days!  Follow Dr. Edwards on instagram on edwards4pgh  or find her website site.  www.edwards4pgh.com.  You will see other shots I have done of her.

Italy-Trevi Fountain-Jaw Dropping

I am in Italy for a few days visiting my Great Uncle’s children and their children.  Incredible experience Rome first and then Naples.   I did little to no prep for this trip.  (Shameless plug for Diane Mohr of Enriching Journeys, my travel agent who planned this whole thing for me).  Sometimes impromptu is really the way to go. WHen my travel group and i were looking for the Trevi Fountain, I had no idea what it looked like and i was thinking of the traditional fountain.  We walked on narrow cobblestone alleys to hit smack into this.  My jaw dropped literally.  I had no idea it was this grandiose, this blue and this magnificent.  IT was just one of those moments when art just grabs you.  Check it out.