365 Project-Post #3- a styled fashion shoot

Our spring Matilda Jane photo shoot on Sunday with Kristin Senay Rose and Heidi Felicetti was fun!!! I got to take pix of my own daughter. Cannot wait to show. Thx u Kelly Costa for the MJC wear and my instructors Tracy Montarti and @codaphotography and thank you to Studio 412 for the space.

This was my first time using this studio, new props, and my new backdrops and new camera and a new lense. This was also my first styled shoot (on this side of the camera). So fun.

Here is a sneak peek

I used manual mode the entire time which is a huge step for me and I used two cameras around my neck (one with fixed 50 mm lense) and (one 55 mm-200mm).

This is me. Photo credit: Kristin Senay Rose

365 Project: Post #2 -My 1st Communion Shoot-Backlighting

This was my first Communion Shoot.  I was thrilled to do it. I knew we would get beautiful shots.  This is one of my top three favorites.  We used a backlighting technique.  The whole indoor shoot was all natural light.  We pulled a curtain in front of a window and the light lit her veil from behind!  Here is a link to some of my other favorite Olivia Photos. 2018RacunasOlivia_32


Dr. Shannon Edwards, Congressional Hopeful, @ Roberto Clemente Bridge

I took this of Dr. Edwards at Roberto Clemente Bridge.  It was cold.  I intentionally did not photoshop the car out of the image.  People kept walking on the bridge and it was hard to get a clear clean shot.  It was freezing outside.   Dr. Edwards was a trooper and this is one of my favorite shots. I am trying to blog at least once a day for 365 days!  Follow Dr. Edwards on instagram on edwards4pgh  or find her website site.  www.edwards4pgh.com.  You will see other shots I have done of her.