365 Project: Post #2 -My 1st Communion Shoot-Backlighting

This was my first Communion Shoot.  I was thrilled to do it. I knew we would get beautiful shots.  This is one of my top three favorites.  We used a backlighting technique.  The whole indoor shoot was all natural light.  We pulled a curtain in front of a window and the light lit her veil from behind!  Here is a link to some of my other favorite Olivia Photos. 2018RacunasOlivia_32


A Sense of Place

I loved this red truck and the sign this young boy is holding.  Weirton Steel Corp. The life blood of my childhood hometown.  The reason my father moved to West Virginia after being recruited by the mill from Penn State’s engineering school.  The reason why both of my great grandparents immigrated from Italy to Weirton … to live the American dream and make a better life for those who would come after them.  I have a reverence, a sincere reverence for the town.  I am thinking about it alot lately because the parents of my son’s best friend at school, I just find out two days ago, are also from Weirton.  A little older than I, they both graduated from Weir High, my alma mater.   We had the family over tonight for apple pie and coffee.  Instant repore, as I expected.

Red White Steel Mill Tower at Dusk-Weirton West Virginia

So today I had a business meeting at a restaurant called DeeJay’s in my hometown in Weirton, WV, which was cool.  I had been gone for so long but now am back.  Everytime I drive through the main street towards my childhood home, I am preoccupied with photographing different parts of what once was a vibrant steel mill town.  I stopped to take this shot one evening at dusk.  my kids in the back seat.  The barbed wire is out of focus and the tower is in focus and I am not so crazy about the effect of that; but nevertheless, I still like the shot.